Understanding the Role of Personality Type Theory in the High School Composition Class

Date of Graduation

Summer 1998


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

George Jensen


The teaching of composition has progressed from focusing on the product to the processes by which students arrive at the final product. Inherent in the belief that writing is a process is also the belief that all writers approach writing using different processes that are characteristic of their personality type. Because existing studies focus on the college freshman writing student, little has been done exploring the role that type theory plays in the high school composition class. Using Carl Jung's theory of psychological type as its basis, this study will provide high school composition teachers with case studies that illustrate how understanding type theory can be applied to the teaching of writing. By helping students identify their natural strengths and address their limitations with the writing process and the various genres of writing, teachers will be more successful in producing more confident and effective writers.

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


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