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Spring 2022


Master of Arts in English



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Alan Tinkler


Three centuries after the Veil’s destruction reunited the land of Mishnal, archaeologists make a discovery in the wild Veiled Lands that will shed light on the cataclysmic event that changed the world forever. Through their analysis of the unearthed memories in the Veiled Lands and remnants of manuscripts penned by key governmental figures, we learn about Mina, a woman with demonic heritage who knows the only way to free herself of her oppressors is by her own clawed hands and the sharpened teeth that she knows can rend flesh from her victims. The first book of the Beyond the Veil series follows Mina’s journey from slavery to self-actualized freedom, from an animalistic heathen to understanding what it truly means for a demon to have humanity, and delves into the truths of two separate lands colliding in a torrent of deception that will leave the lands of Paros and Il’ma in shambles. This creative thesis includes a critical introduction analyzing my use of polyphony and dramatic irony in conversation with R.A. Salvatore’s Legend of Drizz’t novel, Homeland, followed by a selection of the first three Passus of my novel, Beyond the Veil.


dark fantasy, fiction, body horror, polyphony, dramatic irony, racism, autonomy

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