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Spring 2022


Master of Arts in English



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Jennifer Murvin


In this thesis, I cover discrimination in multiple forms, mostly racism and classism, through six short stories. The critical introduction includes my thought and revision process for each story. I discuss the academic works of Eugene Arya, Maggie Bowers, Lindsay Moore to explore the concepts of magical realism in my work and how it relates to the fiction of Carmen Maria Machado and N.K. Jemisin. Mikhail Bakhtin’s concept of skaz and Lubomir Dolezel’s concept of the alethic alien are used in two of my shared world stories. It is my intention to show how discrimination affects multiple types of people by displaying it in a fictional format to reach wider audiences.


fiction, creative writing, racism, discrimination, magical realism, short stories, alethic alien, skaz, horror, literary

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Creative Writing | Fiction


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