Date of Graduation

Spring 2022


Master of Science in Child Life Studies


Childhood Education and Family Studies

Committee Chair

Lindsey Murphy


In pediatric emergency departments, several providers assess pediatric patients in need a laceration repair, require procedural sedation in order to ensure compliance and complete the laceration repair. This study explored one safe alternative to procedural sedation during pediatric laceration repairs by assessing what pain scores pediatric patients report when undergoing a laceration repair utilizing virtual reality goggles. Pediatric patients ages 6-17 years old perceived pain scores utilizing FACES pain scale was documented. This study found a majority of patients reported lower pain scores during the laceration repair in comparison to their baseline pain score.


virtual reality, pediatric patients, laceration repairs, procedural sedation, distraction, Certified Child Life Specialists

Subject Categories

Anesthesiology | Development Studies | Emergency Medicine | Other Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Pediatrics


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