Date of Graduation

Summer 2022


Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis



Committee Chair

Jordan Belisle


The current study sought to evaluate the effectiveness of self-compassion training with disability support staff concurrently completing their college education for career advancement. The intervention was guided by a combined Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Self-Compassion training framework. The ACT Matrix was utilized within the study prior to intervention to determine values within self-compassion and to identify three behaviors to target within the weekly self-compassion training, and daily behavior report (Polk and Schoendorf, 2014). During the intervention phase, daily reported self-compassion behaviors and weekly reported self-compassion scores were collected (Neff, 2003a; Belisle et al., 2022), as well as their perceived social validity, and daily engagement in self-identified self-compassion behaviors via ecological momentary assessments (EMA) were collected. Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) and social validity scales were also utilized. We utilized a withdrawal single-subject research design to evaluate the efficacy of the intervention. Results, for two of the four participants, demonstrated the percent exceeding the median (PEM) score exhibits a moderate effect size. Data suggests that there was a moderate change in self-compassion participation during training weeks, and participants positively reported the advantageous effects of training on both psychological and work well-being. The data does indicate, however, that as the demand for practicing self-compassionate behaviors increases when experiencing hardships, there may be a simultaneous increase in the movement away from the practice of behaviors due to possible psychological rigidity.


self-compassion, behavior, mindfulness, disability, support, staff, training, well-being, ecological, momentary

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Applied Behavior Analysis | Disability Studies | Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Other Psychology | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences


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