Date of Graduation

Summer 2022


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Ann Rost


This pilot study addresses the impact motivating operations have on delay discounting of food in the presence of real food. Six participants were recruited and randomly assigned to three food stimuli groups (donut, vegetable, and control) and assigned to either a deprivation or non-deprivation condition within the group. Participants were asked to complete a set of questionnaires and a delay discounting task. Demographics and anthropometric measurements were obtained from each participant. The pilot study showed support for previous delay discounting research that as the delay to more nutrient dense meals increases the subjective value of the delayed reward decreases. Thus, resulting in more impulsive food consumption behavior. Moreover, the manipulations of deprivation and presence of real food stimuli as motivating operations appear to alter the perceived value of a hypothetical reinforcer.


delay discounting, impulsivity, motivating operations, deprivation, nutrient, subjective value, obesity, emotion regulation, nutrition knowledge

Subject Categories

Applied Behavior Analysis | Behavioral Economics | Clinical Psychology | Health Psychology


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