Date of Graduation

Summer 2022


Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis



Committee Chair

Michael Clayton


Staff performance is important to the success of businesses and employers often use different methods to increase staff performance and motivate their staff. Performance scorecards, goal setting, and feedback are some methods of increasing staff performance. The goal of the current study was to partially replicate and extend Griffin et al.’s (2019) study utilizing performance scorecards to increase targeted behaviors of employees. In the current study, pre-intervention survey results were used to inform the choice of intervention based on deficiencies. Based on the results of the pre-intervention questionnaire, it was concluded that “task clarification and prompting” and “performance consequences, effort, and competition” were deficiencies. The scorecard intervention was linked to reinforcers from the beginning of the study, and in Phase 2 of the intervention, two contingencies were in place, an individual contingency as well as a group contingency. Graphic feedback was also utilized weekly. Interpretation of the results suggest that this intervention was effective in increasing scorecard scores, especially in Phase 2 when specific contingencies and goals were in place. A reversal and one-month follow-up were conducted, showing that intervention effects were maintained.


scorecards, performance, goal setting, intervention, feedback, reinforcers, pre- intervention questionnaire

Subject Categories

Applied Behavior Analysis


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