A Learning Center Model For the Individualization of Reading Instruction

Date of Graduation

Fall 1978


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

James Layton


The problem of this study was to design a model for teachers of the self-contained classroom who desire to individualize the instruction of reading. Learning centers were used as the approach for accomplishing individualization. Centers and stations were defined as specific geographical areas within the classroom where students may go to work on an assigned task or one of personal choice or interest. The integration of learning centers into the classroom was viewed as a strategy for successfully combining instructional and classroom management techniques. The significance of the study abided in the fact that it represented one endeavor to make available a practical model that may help increase the teacher's effectiveness when individualizing the instruction of reading. The foundation for the development of the model was attained from the review of the literature related to individualizing instruction, instruction of reading, principles of learning and learning centers. Based on the literature review, the rationale for using learning centers to individualize reading instruction was developed, the role of the teacher was defined, and the individualization brought within the purview of the classroom teacher. The focal point of the study is the presentation of the Learning Center Model contained in Chapter Four. Included in the model are specific instructions on the development and implementation of the Learning Center Concept. Accompanying the written manuscript are illustrations of sample learning centers and alternate classroom arrangements.

Subject Categories

Other Education


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