A Study of Secondary Classroom Teachers' Opinions Toward Mainstreaming E.M.R. Students

Date of Graduation

Fall 1979


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

James Layton


This study was conducted to determine the attitudes of secondary classroom teachers regarding the problems and issues incorporated in mainstreaming. A comprehensive review of mainstreaming, based on research findings was presented. In addition, an opinionnaire was distributed to 47 secondary classroom teachers of the Exceptional Child Cooperative, who had one or more E.M.R. mainstreamed students. From a descriptive analysis of the 41 responses to the opinionnaire, it was found that their attitudes were positive regarding some aspects of mainstreaming and negative regarding other aspects. The majority of teachers did not feel adequately prepared to perform five of the six reading skills listed, however most of them did indicate the majority of reading skills were important in teaching their subjects. They also felt reading was the major learning problem of the E.M.R. student.

Subject Categories

Other Education


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