Date of Graduation

Spring 2023


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Thomas Kane


This current study advanced understanding of the career goal-setting and relevant goal-related attitudes to the career planning process. Specifically, this study evaluated how career goal commitment, career goal self-efficacy and grit affect career goal structures and effort. A multidimensional career goal commitment scale was developed to differentiate intrinsic (affective) from rational types of commitments. Findings supported affective career goal commitment as consequential to the completeness of career goal structures and in career-relevant effort. Also, career goal self-efficacy was found to predict career planners’ self-efficacy for shorter term performance.


career goals, affective commitment, goal commitment, self-efficacy, grit, career planning, self-regulation, goal hierarchies

Subject Categories

Academic Advising | Developmental Psychology | Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Organization Development | Personality and Social Contexts


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