Date of Graduation

Spring 2023


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Adena Young


A number of survey instruments exist to measure microaggressions across various contexts and across numerous historically underrepresented groups. However, no such scale exists to assess microaggressions within the advisor-advisee relationship. The academic advisor-advisee relationship can make—or break—a student’s experience at a university, both personally and academically. Thus, microaggressions in the advisor-advisee relationship could impose numerous negative implications, both psychologically and academically. The goal of the present study aimed to develop a psychometrically sound scale to measure microaggressions in this association. Overall, findings from the present study offer preliminary support of a two-factor measure to assess microaggressions within the advisor-advisee relationship along with evidence that microaggressions in this association negatively influence students’ basic psychological needs satisfaction.


microaggressions, academic advising, advisor-advisee relationship, basic psychological needs, academic success

Subject Categories

Clinical Psychology | Community Psychology | Social Psychology


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