Thesis Title

Ash Grove

Date of Graduation

Spring 2023


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Marcus Cafagna


This thesis presents a collection of poems that attempts to foreground often dismissed or invisible landscapes and the people who inhabit those spaces. Drawing attention to moments of stillness, creating a space for contemplation and reflection, the poems in this collection stitch together a myriad of speakers whose voices grapple with landscapes of the past, interiority, place, and memory. These poems often center on the speaker's interior observations set against an exterior backdrop. These works are informed by the works of Carl Phillips and Robert Lowell, the British poet, Alice Oswald, the German-British painter, Lucian Freud, and the Chilean poet, Roberto Bolaño.


rhapsody, restlessness, realism, autofiction, Anthropocene, place, displacement

Subject Categories

Creative Writing | Poetry


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