Date of Graduation

Spring 2023


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Ashley Payne


The struggles that Black women face in everyday life are underrepresented in the research literature. Part of these hardships involve negative stereotypes that are associated with Black women. The purpose of this project was to create measures to assess the implicit association between stereotypic attributes and Black women. This study used Implicit Association Test (IAT) procedures to develop implicit measures of Black women stereotypes and investigate relationships with theoretically related explicit (self-report) measures in a sample of university students. Results indicated the implicit measures have acceptable psychometric properties (low stimuli misclassification error rates and adequate internal consistency) and sufficient variability to be potentially useful to assess individual difference. In addition, confirmatory factor analyses of nested latent trait models provided mixed evidence supporting the construct validity of the measures.


stereotypes, Black women, Implicit Association Test, convergent validity, divergent validity, confirmatory factor analysis, nested latent trait models

Subject Categories

Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Multicultural Psychology


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