Date of Graduation

Spring 2023


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies


Art and Design

Committee Chair

Kevin Hughs


As my socio-cultural experiences continue to evolve, so does my interest in contemporary border discourses. The question of ''who qualifies to be where and how,'' lingers in my mind daily as I reflect on my migration experience as a Ghanaian living in the United States of America. Another area of interest is the social and physical challenges endured by individuals transitioning from one geographic location to another.In replicating these experiences, I make ceramic sculptural vessels associated with sojourning. In my ceramic sculptures, I use specific elements, such as ropes and Ghana must-go bags, which honor Africa's past and its people in an attempt to recognize its migration history. The rope also serves as a metaphor that reflects the interconnectedness of our collective history, while its strong materiality speaks to the resilience of African people. These elements represent the displacement of Africans from their homeland and their journey to different parts of the world. By incorporating these elements into my sculptures, I bring attention to the history of African migration and the struggles of African people throughout history. Furthermore, through the lens of geocultural perspectives, I explore how these forms can speak to impermanence and migration's cyclical nature. In addition, I am particularly interested in expressing the experience of being between two cultures, a world that is both familiar and foreign to me. Throughout my work, I explore the complex relationship between people and their environment, the impact of cultural diversity, and the challenges of living in a multicultural society. I also utilize my work to convey all these experiences and help others reflect on these issues through the lens of my work.


ceramics, culture, contemporary, migration, mixed-media, sculpture

Subject Categories

Art and Design | Ceramic Arts | Sculpture


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