The Relationship Between Post Graduate Study and Teacher Opinions Toward the Teaching of Reading


Rita A. Macy

Date of Graduation

Summer 1981


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

James Layton


This study was designed to allow the investigator to determine if there was a significant difference in opinions toward classroom management, teaching techniques, and knowledge supported by contemporary reading researchers between teachers with graduate courses in reading beyond a bachelor's degree and those teachers with only a bachelor's degree. The study was limited to thirty-three elementary classroom teachers in the Mountain View-Birch Tree RIII School District. Teachers completed opinionnaires designed to measure how they felt about the teaching of reading and to determine whether or not those teachers had taken graduate courses in reading. Results of the study were divided into two groups, those teachers with graduate study and those who had none and a comparision of the opinions of the two groups was then made on each item of the opinionnaire. The results showed a significant difference in opinions between the two groups on five of the twenty-one items on the opinionnaire. However, teacher opinions of how they perceived themselves in the classroom in relationship to reading were above average on all of the items among both groups of teachers.

Subject Categories

Other Education


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