Date of Graduation

Spring 2023


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies


Art and Design

Committee Chair

Sarah Williams


I feel appreciation for life and recognize the beauty of being present in the moment, not only living for a future goal. I paint moments that highlight shared slices of life that are common throughout many contemporary cultures. The theme of my paintings is to celebrate mundane moments with images living them, regardless of their geographical location. I am pausing the moments representing what appears over and over through life, reminding myself I can enjoy all of them. This body of work slows down to focus on the beauty of a moment’s essence spent with family members or friends and not the main activities scheduled. I allow a degree of ambiguity in the finished work that reveals just enough information to make the picture feel familiar to a viewer. We carry our past within shared experiences, which ultimately allow these scenes to be perceived as a collective memory.


moment, shared experiences, memory, current culture, oil paint, image

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