Date of Graduation

Spring 2023


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies


Art and Design

Committee Chair

Faith Benzer


The assertion that moments of play empower individuals to find balance amidst the tension of creation and destruction is a central tenet of my artistic philosophy. Through the expressive medium of painting, I have discovered that playfulness can serve as a responsive process that facilitates a flexible approach to coping with the complexities of identity, ideology, and morality. This fertile ground for creativity has become a means of defining a sense of life that is informed by my ongoing struggles with a diabetic medical condition. As my body's dependency on insulin necessitates a constant movement between the frustrations of daily management and the hardships of living with a chronic illness, my paintings reflect a playful yet vulnerable exploration of these realities. Through the use of needle-like shapes, variations of 3D installations, and diverse textures and patterns, my work manifests my altered perceptions and serves as a reference to the organic and ever-evolving nature of my journey. Ultimately, my playful approach asks viewers to reflect on their own vulnerabilities and recognize that through moments of uninhibited play, they too can overcome adversity and find balance amidst life's complexities.


diabetes, playfulness, dependency, vulnerability, installation, mixed media, pop culture, expressionism

Subject Categories

Interactive Arts | Painting | Sculpture


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