A Study of the Relationships and Differences Between Students' Oral Reading and Listening Comprehension Performances


Lorene Meador

Date of Graduation

Spring 1981


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

James Layton


The purpose of this study was to provide information concerning the differences and relationships that were suspected to exist between two receptive modes of communication. The study was conducted to examine whether a significant relationship and/or difference existed between a group of children's oral reading comprehension performance levels and their listening comprehension performance levels on the Spache Diagnostic Reading Scales. A review of literature lent support to the contention that listening is of importance, especially in the primary grades. Listening was found to be important in developing the other language art skills and a valuable aid in learning all academic subjects. However, results of this study revealed only a slight positive correlation found between the oral reading and the listening comprehension scores. But there was a statistically significant difference between the oral reading and listening comprehension scores. The slight positive correlation found betwen the two scores may have resulted because of the small number of students in each of the groups.

Subject Categories

Other Education


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