Date of Graduation

Summer 2023


Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis



Committee Chair

Michael Clayton


As the field of Applied Behavior Analysis expands into multiple disciplines, efficient and effective training becomes an increasingly important aspect of implementing behavior analytic methods and procedures in these additional disciplines. Specifically, as behavior analysis in schools increases, the need for an efficient method of training in implementing behavioral interventions increases due to multiple responsibilities held by school professionals and an occasional high student to teacher ratio. Behavior Skills Training (BST) is among the most researched forms of training for multiple levels of participants in increasing new skills. In evaluating the individual components of BST, effectiveness and efficiency may increase when only the necessary components for each participant are implemented. Additionally, eliminating unnecessary components of the BST training method may also minimize social punishers through participants feeling belittled or less than. By fostering a training environment rich in reinforcement, the trainer also increases the probability of correct implementation of Behavior Analytic methods.


Behavior Skills Training (BST), Noncontingent Reinforcement (NCR), noncontingent attention, component analysis, modeling, feedback, rehearsal


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