Date of Graduation

Fall 2023


Master of Music



Committee Chair

Daniel Hellman


This action research study explored the effects of rhythmic training, understanding of musical styles, and accompanying as a means to improve the reading and performance accuracies of my sixth-grade percussion students. I designed this study as an adapted modification of Zhukov’s (2006) exploration of how these three teaching methods enhanced college piano players' music reading skills and to improve my own teaching. Participants participated in a week of beginning percussion lessons that focused on these three teaching strategies. Pre-test and post-test results were used to compare the effect of the teaching strategies. Analysis of the results focused on participants ability to read rhythms, pitches, and their fluency. While all three areas showed improvement, some areas had greater improvement than others. Overall, results show promise of success, but future research into amount of time using these teaching techniques is needed.


music, music education, band, percussion, sight-reading

Subject Categories

Curriculum and Instruction


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