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Fall 2023


Master of Music



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Daniel Hellman


Concerts are often the summative project for the elementary music room. However, the emphasis on concerts creates challenges for music instruction. The preparation for a traditional concert often takes away from instructional time, which is already limited for music instruction. Second, the use of concerts conceals many aspects of the instructional process from students’ families. This results in a limited view and understanding of their child’s formal musical education. By designing opportunities for parents and other stakeholders to see students beyond a traditional concert, I thought that I could help to deepen families understanding of music education in my elementary school programs. Informances are performance opportunities during which students demonstrate their learning in the music classroom with an audience present. In this action research study, I developed and implemented informances with the intent to bring forth positive change in my classroom and explore parental and family attitudes. I discuss my perceptions on the experience and how I intend to use a balance of traditional concerts and informances to build deeper partnerships with families through my teaching. My intentions for my program are described in the discussion.


informance, elementary music, family attitudes towards music education, elementary concerts, elementary music curriculum

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Music Education


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