Date of Graduation

Fall 2023


Master of Science in Materials Science


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

Committee Chair

Tiglet Besara


Due to their distinct physical and chemical characteristics, half-Heusler compounds are intermetallic materials that have undergone substantial research. The general formula for these compounds is XYZ, where X and Y are transition metals and Z is a p-block element. Thermoelectricity is among the half-Heusler compounds' most exciting potential uses, but additional possible applications include spintronics, magnetic refrigeration, and superconductivity, among others. Recently, half-Heuslers (and Heuslers) have emerged as candidates for catalysts for hydrogenation. The CoNbSn half-Heusler compound, as well as another unique intermetallic ternary compound, the disordered Mn4-xCrxAl11, were successfully grown as single crystals for the first time using Sn and Al self-flux techniques, respectively. Structural and compositional studies have been performed with x-ray diffraction and EDS, followed by magnetization measurements. Future plans include in-situ observation of catalysis in Raman spectroscopy.


Heusler compounds, intermetallics, crystal growth, flux

Subject Categories

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Computational Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry | Materials Chemistry | Materials Science and Engineering


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