Date of Graduation

Spring 2024


Master of Arts in English



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Lanya Lamouria


In exploring the reciprocal relationship between fanfiction and Young Adult (YA) literature, this thesis investigates how these two forms of storytelling, influenced by authors such as Marissa Meyer and Rainbow Rowell, have profoundly impacted the literary landscape. Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles series and Rainbow Rowell's novels Fangirl and Carry On serve as prime examples of this dynamic interaction. Drawing from the rich traditions of oral storytelling and folklore, fanfiction and YA literature have undergone significant development and popularity, particularly in the twenty-first century, thanks to technological advancements and the rise of online communities. This thesis contends that despite their distinct backgrounds, fanfiction and YA literature share common ground in their exploration of current issues, narrative risks, and creative freedom. Furthermore, they continually influence and inspire each other, shaping contemporary literature in profound ways. Through an analysis of Meyer's and Rowell's works, this study aims to illuminate the intricate relationship between fanfiction and YA literature, highlighting their transformative impact on the literary landscape.


fanfiction, fandom, young adult literature, traditional publication, digital publication, fairy tale retellings, Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl, Carry On, Marissa Meyer, The Lunar Chronicles

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Children's and Young Adult Literature | Digital Humanities | Modern Literature


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