Date of Graduation

Spring 2024


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies


Art and Design

Committee Chair

Colby Jennings


In the evocative realm of installation art, my creative research

navigates the nuanced interplay between light and space, with the

ambitious goal of transforming the viewer’s perceptions through

immersive environments. This venture is more than a creative journey;

it is a phenomenological exploration that emphasizes the primacy

of lived experience in artistic expression. My installations, through

manipulation of light and form, evolve into conversations between my

intentions as an artist and the experiences of the audience, crafting

moments that intentionally elicit a wide spectrum of responses and

challenge the traditional confines of visual storytelling.


light, perception, form, transformation, materiality

Subject Categories

Audio Arts and Acoustics | Graphic Design | Industrial and Product Design | Interactive Arts | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media


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