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Spring 2024


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Geography, Geology, and Planning


Geography, Geology, and Planning

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Matthew McKay


The Black Warrior basin is a foreland basin formed by the Ouachita–Appalachian orogeny during the late Paleozoic Era. Mississippian strata record the transition from the carbonate platform within the Tuscumbia Limestone to the clastic-rich units within the overlying Pride Mountain Formation and Hartselle Sandstone. The western and southern-most fringes of the Black Warrior basin are covered by thin, post orogenic Cretaceous sediments of the East Gulf Coastal Plain. Geological mapping of the Bishop 7.5-Minute quadrangle revealed subtle deformation in Mississippian strata in the form of gentle folds (


Black Warrior basin, Ouachita orogeny, foreland basin, geological mapping, geophysical modeling

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Geology | Geomorphology | Geophysics and Seismology | Sedimentology | Tectonics and Structure


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