Speech Aerodynamics of American English and Japanese Speakers

Date of Graduation

Spring 1995


Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders

Committee Chair

Ronald Netsell


The speech aerodynamics of estimated subglottal air pressure, laryngeal air flow, laryngeal airway resistance, and volume of air expired per syllable were compared across group and across gender for seven American English speakers and seven Japanese speakers. Estimated subglottal air pressure, laryngeal air flow, and laryngeal airway resistance were measured during a syllable production task, and volume per syllable was measure during a sentence production task. There were no group differences found in the speech aerodynamics of the two groups for either speaking task. There were no gender differences in the speech aerodynamics of the syllable production task. However, there were gender differences found for volume per syllable in the sentence production task. The American English and Japanese men combined had larger volumes per syllable than the American English and Japanese women combined. The speech aerodynamic data taken from the two speaker groups and the two speaking tasks offer important information concerning clinical norms for men and women and provide serveral hypotheses for future research.

Subject Categories

Communication Sciences and Disorders


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