A Study of Locus of Control and Brain Dominance of 5Th and 6Th Grade Children

Date of Graduation

Summer 1986


Master of Science in Education in Elementary Education


Childhood Education and Family Studies

Committee Chair

Darrell Roubinek


This study was undertaken to determine if there was a significant occurrence of locus of control among fifth and sixth grade students. It was also intended to determine if there is a significant occurrence of brain dominance and locus of control. The study involved fifth and sixth grade students. The Zenhausern Hemispheric Cognitive style and the Greenburg Locus of Control test were administered to all students reported in the study. Test scores were compared by the use of Chi-Square "Goodness of Fit" with p = .0001, indicating that a significant occurrence existed in the type of locus of control among fifth and sixth grade students. There were significantly more internal than external students. There was no significant difference in the hemispheric preference and internal children. There were not, however, enough external students to use the Chi-Square "Goodness of Fit" to measure the data.

Subject Categories

Elementary Education and Teaching


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