Thesis Title

A Study to Determine the Effect of Hemispheric Preference on Mathematical Problem Solving Activity

Date of Graduation

Spring 1986


Master of Science in Education in Elementary Education


Childhood Education and Family Studies

Committee Chair

Darrell Roubinek

Subject Categories

Elementary Education and Teaching


This study was undertaken to determine if hemispheric brain dominance has an effect on problem solving ability. The study involved two intact third grade classrooms. The Zenhausern Hemispheric Cognitive Style and a teacher-made problem solving test were administered to all students reported in the study. Test scores were compared using an independant test and correlational studies. This analysis indicated that a significant difference in problem solving ability existed between left and right brain students. There was also a significant relationship between degree of left brain preference and problem solving ability. The stronger the left brain preference, the higher students achieved on the problem solving test. No significant relationship was found between degree of right brain preference and problem solving achievement.


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