China's Military Modernization: Its Scope, Objectives, and Threats to U.S. Interests

Date of Graduation

Summer 1994


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

William Van Cleave


Begun in the late 1970s, China's military modernization program has been accelerated over the last several years. China rapidly has been acquiring some of the world's most advanced military hardware, primarily from its former adversary, Russia. Ostensibly, China intends to use its new-found military strength to accomplish several domestic and foreign policy objectives, all of which appear to be malevolent by design. Those objectives include, inter alia, the suppression of restless minorities, the reunification of China with the Republic of China on Taiwan, and the seizure of territorial claims beyond its present borders. China has not directly threatened the United States or its vital interests in the regional allies, and U.S. economic interests. The United States should remain actively engaged in the East Asian/Western Pacific region and should be prepared to confront an aggressive People's Republic of China if it threatens U.S. vital interests in the future.

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Defense and Security Studies


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