The Difference in Reading and Math Achievement With Regards to a Regional Program, Project Excell: a Causal--Comparative Study

Date of Graduation

Summer 1988


Master of Science in Education in Elementary Education


Childhood Education and Family Studies

Committee Chair

James Zimmerman


This study was undertaken to determine the difference in reading and math achievement for first, second, and third grade students experiencing a regional program, Project ExCELL and a similar group who did not. The groups were not randomly selected as the school district chose the three schools to pilot the four year program. One of the three schools using the program was the experimental group in this study and the control group was another low achieving school currently not using the program. In order to equate the groups, a pre-test measure was used from spring 1987 academic achievement test. The post test was the 1988 academic achievement tests administered in the school district. In almost every case, the experimental group had a greater post test mean score. In first grade, the experimental group had a slightly greater mean score but the difference was not significant. In second grade, the reading achievement did not show a significant difference; however, using an analysis of covariance, the adjus

Subject Categories

Elementary Education and Teaching


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