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Spring 2016


Master of Science in Biology



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Janice Greene


question-answer relationship, reading strategy, reading comprehension, science, reading, science, teaching, science classroom, teaching science, science literacy

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The Questions-Answer Relationship (QAR) is a reading strategy that guides student comprehension by allowing the student to demonstrate their ability to determine importance, make inferences, and monitor comprehension through questions. The study was conducted on high school students in physical science to determine if the implementation of the QAR would improve content area literacy knowledge and confidence from pre-test and post-test data. Pedagogies included modeling, collaboration, independent work, guided practice, direct instruction, and inquiry laboratories. Through the implementation of the QAR method, the researcher found that students that learned new reading strategies gained confidence and were more engaged in the content reading. Though the treatment group had more significant gains on specific questions, there were significant improvements on specific questions in regards to both groups, although no significance was found in total scores.


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