The Biosystematics of the Mosquitoes of Greene County, Missouri

Date of Graduation

Spring 1978


Master of Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Steven Jensen


Mosquito larvae, pupae, and adults were collected from April through October 1977, in order to determine the species composition of the fauna of Greene County, Missouri. Twenty species of six genera were collected from a total of 146 localities. These species were: Anopheles punctipennis, A. quadrimaculatus, Uranotaenia sapphirina, Culiseta inornata, Psorophora ciliata, P. confinnis, P. cyanescens, P. discolor, P. howardii, Aedes atropalpus, A. canadensis canadensis, A. thibaulti, A. trivittatus, A. vexans, Culex erraticus, C. pipiens-complex, C. restuans, C. salinarius, C. tarsalis, and C. territans. Habitats most frequently collected were drainage ditches, temporary rain pools, streams, artificial containers, small permanent ponds, and pools in stream beds. The species most often collected were Anopheles punctipennis, Aedes vexans, Culex restuans, and C. salinarius. Psrophora confinnis, Culex pipiens-complex, C. tarsalis, and C. territans were collected in several localities, but were not usually found in large numbers. The remaining species found in this study were collected only in limited numbers. Aedes canadensis canadensis larvae and A. thibaulti were collected for the first time in southwest Missouri.

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