Thesis Title

The Dragonfly Fauna (Odonata:Anisoptera) of a Lentic Habitat in Southwestern Missouri

Date of Graduation

Fall 1980


Master of Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Steven Jensen


The adult and larval species of dragonflies found within an area known as Durst Park were collected and studies. The study area consisted of two adjacent ponds (together measuring 1.39 ha), nearby fields, and a flowing stream. Descriptions were made of the adult male, adult female, and larval form of each species as well as notes on their biology. Adult collections were made over a nine month period extending from April through October of 1979 and again in May and June, 1980. Seventeen adult species, comprising four families and 13 genera, were captured. Of these, Erythemis simplicicollis (Say), Libellula luctuosa Burmeister, and Pachdiplax longipennis (Burmeister) were considered dominants. E. simplicicollis and Anax junius (Drury), occurring pond side for almost six months, had the longest flight seasons and E. simplicicollis had the longest reproductive period, extending over four months. Larval collections were made over an 11 month period, extending from April through November of 1979 and from February through April of 1980. Eleven species of larvae, representing three families and nine genera, were collected. E. simplicicollis and L. luctuosa were considered dominants and distribution of the larvae within the habitat was found to be associated with the aquatic vegetation and limited to depths of 1.5 m or less. A difference in the number of larval species was found to exist between the two ponds with six species found only in the west pond, two species found only in the east pond, and three species commonly found in both. A new state record was established with the collection of Tetragoneuria cynosura (Say).

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