China's Pacific Strategy For the Twenty-First Century

Date of Graduation

Fall 2001


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

William Van Cleave


The Pacific region has always been a strategically and commercially important region. In recent years, the People's Republic of China has begun to reemerge as an active power within Asia and the Pacific region. This thesis examines Chinese goals and strategy in the Pacific region. It also examines United States policy options for dealing with these goals and strategy when they conflict with U.S. interests. In doing so, this thesis analyzes (1) the People's Liberation Army's strategy in its attempt to achieve the goals of the state; (2) the military modernization efforts that are intended to give the PRC the ability to meet its strategic requirements; (3) the conflicts with China's Pacific neighbors that have partly arisen as a result of a resurgent Chinese strategic and military force; and (4) possible US. policy options regarding China and the Pacific. The objective of this thesis is to understand Chinese objectives in the Pacific region by studying China's goals and the strategies to achieve them, and then to evaluate current and future U.S. policy options.

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


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