An Investigation Into the Detection and Analysis of Selected Landfills Within Central and Southwest Missouri Using Remotely Sensed Data


Michael Klein

Date of Graduation

Fall 1991


Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

Elias Johnson


This research concerns the detection and analysis of landfills within a selected Landsat Five scene that covers parts of central and southwest Missouri. Detecting and analyzing landfills over relatively large areas to assess vegetative growth and vigor are of vital interest to county, state and federal agencies. One possible means of accomplishing this immense task is through remote sensing, specifically employing Landsat Five. The on-board sensor captures reflectance data from several bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, some of which are used to detect plant vigor, barren soil, and certain plant species. Consequently, it has the potential to detect landfills and assess their physical characteristics. This research indicates that the Landsat Five Thematic Mapper sensor is capable of this task if the areal extent of the landfill is of sufficient size relative to the 30 meter resolution of the data collected. This remote sensing capability may be used to gain insight into landfills, their vegetative conditions and reclamation.

Subject Categories

Earth Sciences


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