Scientifically Based Water Resource Management and Environmental Quality Planning: Barry/Stone Counties, Missouri

Date of Graduation

Fall 1993


Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

David Castillon


Protection of the quality of valuable water and other environmental resources in the Mark Twain National Forest, located in Barry and Stone Counties, Missouri may be effected through application of a three pronged planning approach. This methodology includes 1) an integrated, comprehensive environmental assessment, 2) the determination of environmental integrity and susceptibility to compromise, and 3) employment of scientifically based resource planning procedural processes based upon environmental carrying capacity. The Piney, Big, Rock and East Fork segment of Rock Creek drainage systems were the subject of the present study. A systems approach was utilized to assemble a multidisciplinary data base composed of environmental, social, and planning system elements. The quality of the water and other natural resources in this area was determined through the development and application of a Comprehensive Environmental Quality Indexing (CEQI) system. The CEQI provided the means to establish Water Quality Criteria for Class C streams, which may be used to monitor water quality in these and other watersheds similarily located in southwest Missouri. The economy in the region is recreationally focused and environmentally intensive. Maintenance of the tourist economic base is directly linked to preservation of environmental quality. Environmental quality may only be protected by determining carrying capacity, which is the measure and assessment of the ability of the environment to sustain and assimilate the impacts of use and residuals associated with development. The rapid growth east of the study area near Branson, Missouri and along Table Rock Lake provides the rationale and motivation to determine environmental carrying capacity and to implement timely resource planning strategies and recommendations based upon carrying capacity and the increasing use of the National Forest, especially the Piney Creek Wilderness of which it is a part.

Subject Categories

Earth Sciences


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