Attitudes of Developers and the General Public on Land Development and the Environment in Southwest Missouri: a Comparison Study

Date of Graduation

Fall 1996


Master of Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Janice Greene


Stone, Taney, and Greene Counties in the Ozarks region of Missouri have experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the last ten years, mostly due to a recent increase in tourism. Because of this increase, the counties are now experiencing problems with rapid development and related consequences of water management, loss of natural beauty due to urbanization, and possible habitat fragmentation. The counties' main problem is how to continue growth while maintaining environmental integrity. The attitudes of those involved in development and the general public regarding land use practices play an important role in the process. Surveys which compared attitudes toward land use and the environment were administered to area land developers and the general public. For the general public, comparisions were also made according to age and gender. Scores for both groups were generally neutral; however some significant differences occurred in the areas of habitat restoration, current development problems, and the causes of increased tourism to the area.

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