Determining the Impact on Property Value Near a Proposed Greenway in Springfield, Missouri: (A Geographic Information System Analysis)

Date of Graduation

Fall 1993


Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences


Geography, Geology, and Planning

Committee Chair

William Corcoran


Greenway park systems are increasing in their popularity and utility in the urban landscape. These parks can either have negative or positive impacts on property value located close to these entities. Negative impacts are usually caused by excessive use, security and low maintenance. Positive impacts are usually the result of effective maintenance and security, along with limiting certain types of access (i.e.; vehicles or motorcycles) to ensure a pleasant experience by the park users. Past research has shown that residential property near certain parks have experienced increases in property value. The purpose of this research was to spatially interpolate the results of three past studies to produce possible impacts on property located in Springfield, Missouri. A geographic information system was used to construct three spatial models to produce the impacts and illustrate them in the form of maps.

Subject Categories

Earth Sciences


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