Thesis Title

Ion Beam Mixing of Metal/Fluoropolymer Interfaces

Date of Graduation

Spring 1998


Master of Science in Materials Science


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

Committee Chair

Ryan Giedd

Subject Categories

Materials Science and Engineering


This research project focuses on the values, beliefs, and lived experiences of teenage mothers who chose unprotected sex at the time their babies were conceived. A qualitative, heuristic approach was utilized in which teens were allowed to discuss in their own words the sentiments, opinions, and ideologies that impacted their sexual decision-making. A convenience sample of 8 subjects was recruited from a local facility specializing in eduation, support, and intervention for teenage parents, and data collection consisted of a series of audiotaped interviews conducted by the researcher over an 8-week period. Four research domains were addressed: the subjects' overall knowledge of contraceptive methodology, factors which influenced their contraceptive decision-making, characteristics of their relationship with the baby's father, and how, if at all, their experience of pregnancy and motherhood had changed their sexual behavior. Results are reported in terms of prevalent and recurring themes which emerged from the interview data.


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