A Suggested Checklist and Resource Handbook to Assist Choral Directors in Determining Possible Solutions to Common Vocal Disorders

Date of Graduation

Spring 1988


Master of Music



Committee Chair

Wayne Harrell


The purpose of this study was to develop a diagnostic checklist to assist high school choral directors in evaluating the symptoms of high school students' vocal disorders. This evaluation should help the choral director make one of three recommendations: 1) use a home remedy, 2) see the family physician, or 3) see a laryngologist. It was also the purpose of this study to develop a resource handbook that describes symptoms and treatments of common student vocal disorders. Three laryngologists, three doctors in family practice, and two pediatricians were interviewed. The data gathered from the interviews was analyzed and the similarities in regards to symptoms and suggested treatments were noticed. The doctors were placed into two groups for the purpose of further analyzation. One group consisted of the laryngologists, while the second group consisted of the doctors in family practice and the pediatricians. Percentages of identical responses were calculated for each group of doctors, followed by a calculation of the total responses of all doctors combined as one group. the data from the review of related literature and the interviews was used to create the diagnostic checklist and descriptive resource handbook.

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