Thesis Title

The Development of a Multimedia Version of the Computerized Ptsd Scale

Date of Graduation

Fall 1999


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

David Richard


Two studies were conducted to develop the Computerized PTSD Scale-Multimedia version (CPS-M). In study 1, five psychologists, ten graduate students in psychology, and ten undergraduates reporting at least one traumatic event completed the CPS-M. Participants provided feedback by typing comments into the program and completing an evaluation questionnaire. Based on the feedback, sound files were recorded a second time, sentence stems were revised, and the interface was improved. In Study 2, 109 college students with a reported trauma history completed the CPS-M twice in a two-week period. The total score retest correlation was .92 and exceeded .84 for each of the subscales. The CPS-M correlated .87 with the Revised Civilian Mississippi Scale, .79 with both the Beck Anxiety Inventory and the Beck Depression Inventory, and .13 with the Antisocial Behavior Inventory. Consistent with previous studies, students rated the CPS-M positively and evaluated the interface favorably.

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