Thesis Title

A Study of Unionization in the Field of Nursing

Date of Graduation

Fall 1986


Master of Public Administration


Political Science

Committee Chair

Kant Patel

Subject Categories

Public Administration


Far reaching changes have occurred in the nursing area of health care during the past decades. Both nurses and nursing health care administrators need a perspective from which future attitudes and procedures can be charted. This overview of the evolution of nurse labor-management relationships provides that perspective. Proceeding from a historical perspective, the development of nursing unions, evolutionary change in the role of nurses, and accompanying legislation is traced. The study also examines the contributing factors to nursing unions and the subsequent impact of unionization. An important issue for today's nurse and nursing unions is the advent and impact of Medicare's Prospective Pricing System. This study synthesizes information concerning nursing unionization and provides a point of reference for nurses and health care administrators to project future trends of nurse employment which will enable the administrator, either nurse or non-nurse, to more effectively understand the point of view of the nurse delivering hands on health care. This relationship is important in order that continued quality health care be delivered in excellent facilities by the best qualified personnel at a reasonable cost.


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