Light In Rivers

Date of Graduation

Spring 1994


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Michael Burns


This collection of poems is a sampling of my work from the past five years. It includes considerations of relationships, aging and the Ozark environment that have so influenced my life. Contents: Shadows in the hills -- Al Trotter thinks about the Ozark Mountain bypass -- Fire clogging with Newton County neighbors -- Traces of White River -- Small town -- Branson tourists -- At the lakeshore -- Three miles from Table Rock, close to the sound -- Light in rivers underground -- Optical illusions -- Gene and Janine meet again -- Pastiche lady -- Knowing when to stop -- Leaving Newton County -- He almost did all the right things -- Gideon's coin laundromat -- When she first knew -- The matter with men -- Quit while you're ahead -- The saleswoman remembers her dream -- Take Mother's advice? -- Satyricon sweetheart -- Emily stands by Lonnie -- Dying light -- Ruby thought she was being a fool to nearly die -- What I saw while searching for morels near the Wolf River Bridge -- Aunt Lil -- Growing up near the reservation -- I never had a single thought -- Motherhood -- End of the morning workout -- Fourth of July when I thought my father was old -- Time between seasons -- Sanitary needs -- Goodwill -- Washington Park in June -- The way to die in Cajun John's.

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


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