The Whole Blown Universe

Date of Graduation

Summer 1995


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Jane Hoogestraat


The poems in this collection describe experience from various parts of the United States: from the northeast to the midwest to the Pacific coast. Too, the poems capture a variety of moods, moving from the exultant to the dolorous. To give cohesion to these poems as a set, the collection is broken into three parts using the theme of an expanding/contracting universe: the first part, "Expansion," will consist of poems using an omniscient, third person narrator. The second part, "Retraction," will be made up of poems using first person narration to describe something or someone other than the persona of the narrator; or, first person plural narration. And the third part, "The Event Horizon," will consist of poems narrated in the first person about the experience and thoughts of that first person narrator. Contents: Expansion. Man of people ; Miracle explosion ; Enthymeme ; She rolls hoops wondering : after De Chirico's Mystery and melancholy of a street -- Retraction. Morning poem ; Rabbit girl goes to Russia ; Breakfast after Paris ; Mooney returns ; The relief pitcher knows the core ; Arrhythmic heart -- The Event Horizon. Waterwheel : a dream ; Happy family ; American dog ; A shot across the bow ; Errol Flynn's estate ; A year of divorce ; George Washington goes down at the help-ee self-ee laundromat.

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


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