The School On Cemetery Road

Date of Graduation

Fall 1995


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Wayne Blackmon


The school on Cemetery Road, a realistic picture of a small school in rural America, the reader meets and becomes involved with a variety of characters as well as their backgrounds, fears, dreams, successes and failures. This book brings together ordinary perople in an ordinary, almost bankrupt rural school. After days of unseasonably warm, humid weather, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings, a severe storm strikes the school just before lunch on April 15, 1993. Students and faculty members alike scurry for shelter from the threatening winds and flying debris. The storm causes considerable damage to some of the buildings, demolishing one completely. There are a few injuries, mostly minor, but unfortunately, one fatality. Teachers, administrators, students, parents, and others involved are heroic, as well as cowardly; intelligent, while being incredibly stupid; farsighted and dreaming, while still hopelessly bigoted and narrow-minded. These are real people in a real time. Some of the characters are profoundly changed, while others will forever remain the same.

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


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