Effects of electrolytes on the photoelectric properties of TiO 2-based dye-sensitized solar cells


During the past two decades, unique photoelectric properties of TiO 2 have attracted a lot of interest in the research of dyesensitized solar cells (DSSCs); however, the use of a proper type of electrolyte is a decisive limitation correlating to the final performance of this kind photovoltaic device. This paper is focused on analyzing the effects of different electrolytes on the cell performance in order to improve the photoelectric properties of TiO2-based DSSCs. Specifically, for the cell fabrication, the iodine-based electrolyte, sulfur-based electrolyte and inorganic solid-state electrolyte CsSnI2.95F0.05 are selected to couple with TiO2 nanorod arrays respectively. Their final photovoltaic properties including j-V characteristics and impedance spectroscopy are measured correspondingly. The cell composing of CsSnI 2.95F0.05 shows the highest conversion efficiency around 8.9%, which is much higher than those cells fabricated with the other two kinds of electrolytes.


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

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ECS Transactions