Single-crystal x-ray diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, magnetization, heat capacity, and electrical resistivity measurements are reported for the new tetragonal compound Ce2PdGe3, which forms in the space group P42/mmc (No. 131) - a relative of the α-ThSi2-type structure. Measurements reveal a two-part antiferromagnetic phase transition at TN,1=10.7 K and TN,2=9.6 K and subsequent ferromagnetlike ordering near TC≈2.25 K. The ordered ground state emerges from a lattice of Ce ions that are hybridized with the conduction electrons, as revealed by the enhanced electronic coefficient of the specific heat γ≈50 mJ/mol-Ce-K2 (extrapolated to T=0 for T < TC). Electronic structure calculations reveal a Fermi surface that includes sheets with distinct nesting vectors. Chemical/structural disorder also plays an important role, as evidenced by results from single-crystal x-ray diffraction, the width of the peaks in the heat capacity at TN and TC, and the small residual resistivity ratio RRR=ρ300K/ρ0=1.8.

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Physical Review B