A cross cultural comparison of problems in business process reengineering initiatives


Reengineering is rooted in the United States and has since spread to many other NICs (newly industrialized countries) like Singapore. As experience in reengineering accumulates, it is time to explore empirically the different types of problems commonly encountered and the impact of these problems on reengineering success. Also this study looks at whether the same types of problems are relevant in a Chinese-based society like Singapore. The study results show that many of the difficulties encountered in implementing BPR in the U.S. apply equally to Singapore. On the other hand, there are also significant differences between the two countries. While change management and management support problems have been identified as critical problems (which are severe and at the same time have a high impact on BPR success) in the U.S., project management and cultural issues are found to be critical problems in Singapore. It is concluded that culture does affect the types of problems encountered and their impact on reengineering success.


Information Technology and Cybersecurity

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BPR, Global IS, IT and Organizational Transformation, Reengineering Implementation Problems

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Journal of Global Information Technology Management