Implementing classroom outcomes assessment (TAC) with commercially available software. A computerized approach to outcomes assessment a pilot study


The Industrial Management program at Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU) has begun the process of designing and implementing an outcomes assessment process for to continuous improvement of the programs and in preparation for accreditation by the National Association of Industrial Technology. The university contracted with Enable Technologies, Inc., to conduct a pilot study using EnableOA, which is a Web-based, software-driven assessment process. The study involved two courses TEC 110 - Fundamentals of Engineering Drafting and TEC 250 - Industrial Safety in the Fall semester 2000. Two additional courses, TEC 237 - Mechanics/Statics and TEC 437 - Materials Testing and Measurement were used in the spring, 2001. Results of the study show that the EnableOA process was relatively easy to learn for instructors and students. The instructor spent approximately four hours incorporating the first course into the assessment system, and less than half that time incorporating additional courses. It is anticipated that in the future only one hour of assessment software preparation per existing course will be adequate. Students were introduced to the process, which involved the creation and maintenance of an electronic portfolio, in a single class period for one course and via Email for the second course. Student participation was entirely voluntary. Approximately two thirds of 37 eligible students participated in the fall term. The quality of the material that students submitted was, in general, good or moderate quality; however, students had difficulty associating their respective educational experiences to appropriate educational outcomes. The data and reports that were automatically generated by EnableOA were judged to be useful for continuous improvement and accreditation, with the caveat that students must improve their ability to select appropriate outcomes. The university expects to continue developing the assessment program using EnableOA.


Technology and Construction Management

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