Teachers’ Perceptions of the Benefits of Home Visits for Early Elementary Children


The purpose of this study was to examine teachers’ perceptions of the benefits of home visitation in relation to children’s success in school from kindergarten to second grade. The participants were 26 early elementary (K-2) teachers in a rural, Midwestern school district. Participants completed a survey after a home visit at the beginning of school and again prior to the end of the year. Results of this descriptive study suggest that the benefit of home visits is a means of strengthening home school partnerships. Teachers perceive that home visits result in more positive relationships with children and their families. Further, the teachers believe that the visits lead to improved communication with the parents, better understanding of the child, and better understanding of the impact of the child’s home environment as it relates to school performance.


Childhood Education and Family Studies

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teacher perceptions, home visits, teacher–parent relationships, academic performance

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Meyer, James A., and Mary Beth Mann. "Teachers’ perceptions of the benefits of home visits for early elementary children." Early Childhood Education Journal 34, no. 1 (2006): 93-97.

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Early Childhood Education Journal